My friends and I have all agreed, London is not what we expected. And of course, nothing is ever as expected. Duh. What we discovered is that London is far more of a melting pot and tourist hub than what we originally thought. It's like going to any big city in America and hearing different languages, except this time we're part of that outside culture.

While we may be outside of the immediate culture of England, we still speak English. It is astonishing how many languages I hear in London, and even in Windsor. There's everything from Korean and Japanese, to French, German, and Polish, and even some languages I have no idea how to identify. As a matter of fact, I think I've heard more foreign accents than English accents. (Sorry, ladies. Lots of males here don't have that accent you're looking for.)

Basically, it's really weird to think that most of these people are tourists, too. It was pretty funny when a Polish family asked us for directions on the tube yesterday. I guess we're not fitting the American tourist stereotype, which I have no problem with. As a matter of fact, not many people have pegged us as tourists. We are obviously American, but they don't seem to mind. They like our accents. It's weird to be on that side of the fence for once. I kind of like it.


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