First of all, forgive me for being absent. There is so much going on that oftentimes, by the end of the day, I am simply too exhausted to write. Either that, or I don't know what to say.

Don't be mislead by this title. I'm not homesick. Actually, I feel quite at home here, but then again, I feel most at home when I'm doing what I love. Many of my friends here are homesick for Tennessee. This is because they have wonderful families, a special significant other, or any other combination of reasons. Granted, I have a wonderful life back in the states, and I do miss it, but there is something refreshing about being somewhere new. I've always been a vagabond, a wandering heart. A bird in a cage cooped up so long, aching to stretch my wings and test my limits. Now, I'm free. I'm out of my cage. I've grown up and worked for my first test flight, and here I am, soaring at new heights. How can I be homesick when I feel so alive?

So to those of you who have wondered if I'm homesick, the answer is no. Of course I miss my friends, I miss my cat, and quite frequently this week I've missed my air conditioning. Seriously, London. What is up with all of this hot weather? My heart is all for adventure, and that's where I'm living right now.


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