Exhilaration || Exhaustion

Happy first full day in London!

Tube stops and street signs and long queues for the restroom. (Seriously, 20 minutes at McDonald's queue for Josh to get to the men's room!) I don't have anything profound or sappy to say today, so let's just chat.

A bunch of people missed the group tour today at Covent Garden, including me. That left us with an entirely free afternoon. After eating in this super hipster Asian fusion restaurant, two friends and I set out to discover what was in the surrounding area. We stumbled into Piccalilli Circus and explored Leicester Square. I can't explain the joy I have by being surrounded by so much theatre. Not only that, but the people watching here is extravagant.

The hardest thing about this city isn't finding my way on the tube, the currency exchanges, or crossing the street. Actually, navigating the tube is super simple and so are currency exchanges. Crossing the street is simple enough, as long as I look right. The most difficult thing is being constantly alert. Even though I do this every day at work or school or whatever, it's an elevated level of attention I haven't experienced in a while. I'm in a completely new city with (relatively) new friends and we don't know where to go from memory. I have to be aware of streets and bikes and people and pick pockets. Basically I'm always running on 110%. I'm both exhilarated and exhausted. I'm not sure if there's a word somewhere between those two. I'm sure after a couple more days, this will all be second nature, but for now, I'm just going to be tired.


  1. Very excited for you. Emily & I saw The Phantom of the Opera in the Queen's Theatre in 2007 while on a trip there. Incredible.

    1. As I'm here to study theatre, I'm seeing seven shows as part of a class! I may see a few more depending on how I choose to spend my money.


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