I don't like to waste my time with anger, so I don't. While I can be annoyed, rarely am I angry. Few things trigger anger within me, and one of these things is disrespect in the theatre.

I got to see Julius Caesar at the Globe Theatre. I would have really enjoyed it, had it not been for the people sitting around me. There was a rowdy group of French teenagers who were completely disrespectful the entire first act. I couldn't hear a single word of what the actors were saying. Three people in our section told the young adults to shut up, but to no avail. Thankfully, the group thought intermission was the end of the show, so they didn't come back.

For those of you who don't frequent a cinema or theatre, or even those who do, I've compiled a list of things you should NEVER do during show time:

(Might I add, the majority of these happened today.)

  • Have your cell phone out. Ever. The bright light is distracting and I'm sure the "Bae 😍😘❤️" you're texting can wait two hours.
  • Have your cell phone volume on. Nothing ruins a beautiful moment in a show more than someone's phone ringing. It's a distraction to everyone, especially at live performances, as the actors can hear it too.
  • Talk. Seriously, shut up.
  • PDA. No one wants to see that.
  • Kick the seat in front of you. Yes, leg room is limited. It especially sucks for tall people such as myself. But kicking the seat of the person in front of you is a jerk move.
  • Eat loud food. Take the chips/apples/crunchy food elsewhere. Like a BBQ. I want to hear the show, not your mastication.
  • Chew with your mouth open/smack your jaw. My biggest pet peeve. Learn some manners. If you can't eat without sounding like a cow, eat at home, please. Same goes with slurping your drink.
  • Crinkle food wrappers, drink bottles, or things of the like. If I wanted to hear that noise, I'd unplug my cable box at home.
  • Leave a mess. People have to clean up everything you leave behind, and odds are they hate you if you leave things behind. Be respectful and clean up after yourself.
  • Take pictures during the performance. Not only is that against code for performance rights, but it's distracting. Just watch the show. Having your camera filming part of the production causes you to not only miss the live action, but hinders others from seeing it.
  • Do other "errands." Seriously, during the show today a girl was counting her change...OUT LOUD! If these things are so important, you probably shouldn't be in the theatre.
  • Get up in the middle of a show if you're in the middle. Unless it's an absolute emergency, don't try to crawl out of your row. For those with smaller bladders, I recommend the isle.

I could probably go on, but this list is pretty sufficient. What are the things that bother you most in the theatre/cinema/place of gathering? Comment below or post to my Facebook, I'd love to hear from you.


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