I have been working on this post for two days now, and no matter how deeply I search within myself, I cannot find adequate words to describe my experiences on Friday.

Westminster Abbey is one of the most beautiful buildings I've ever had the honour of touring. Every inch, every surface, every angle is covered in history. Tombs of some of the most famous kings and queens are held within. There is preserved damage to the building sustained from wars past. The chapels are marvellous, and to partake in an hourly prayer within the building was truly extraordinary. The architecture alone is enough to leave a person breathless. Westminster Abbey left me more than just breathless, it left me speechless.

The final stop on the self-guided tour is Poets' Corner. I have nothing other to say than wow. To see tombs of the authors I've grown up reading, and stones and statues that pay tribute to many others that I love...it was so surreal. To be able to honour those who have been my eternal friend through every walk of life; whose words shaped me and helped form who I am today...wow. Their published words are too perfect and for me to add any would be wrong, so I'll leave the words to the professionals.

Here's to you, beloved authors and dear friends. Thank you for creating something so beautiful and inviting. Thank you for bringing your words to the public. Thank you for following your heart, and allowing me to open mine.


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