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A Plea

Today is International Women's Day. A lovely day to celebrate all the women we know and love. Our friends, our colleagues, all women. Every woman.

Every woman has a story to tell. Today I urge you, listen to them. Each woman has a powerful story, and I promise you can learn so much from what they have to say.

I've learned that sharing my story publicly, no matter how many people read it, is still important. My story is important. I've been blessed to have people come to me and share their own stories and offer support and love. It has been an honour to be supported by those people, and to support them in return.

I have a few things I want to say today. These words are based on my experiences and my story. Maybe you can relate. Maybe you know someone who can. It doesn't matter. I just ask you to listen, please.

I was referred to a new doctor by the one I'm currently seeing. The first doctor wanted more tests they couldn't offer, so I gladly agreed to visit anot…

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