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Surgery Update!


It's nice and late and I'm still awake so let's talk about my surgery!

I've been up since 8 this morning, as I had to be to the surgery centre by 9. After waiting to be whisked back to the room, I was taken back to a little reclining chair. I talked to a ton of nurses, all of whom were incredible nice and informative. I had blood drawn and an IV put in (honestly my least favourite part) and hemoglobin testing done.

Troy waited with me the entire time. The doctors and nurses talked to him and made sure he was comfy and set to sit through my surgery. I wasn't ever really nervous for today. It wasn't a huge surgery, almost more of a procedure to me. My biggest anxiety was how it would affect the systems around my bladder, and if there was any possibility of messing something up surgery-wise. The last surgery I had really knocked me down, and things weren't taken care of perfectly, so I'm still dealing with a lot of repercussions from the doctor'…

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