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What It's Like

The other night Troy and I went out for some drinks. As always, it lead to intense conversations, and I decided to ask him a few questions. The next day I decided to re-ask the questions so I could write them down.

I asked him what it was like to love someone who is always sick. It might not be a chronic illness (we still don't know) but it's a lot to deal with nonetheless. I wanted to ask him about these things because I know he deals with my shit on the same level that I do, and he's always there to take my tear-stained face and make sure I'm alright.

Here's our conversation!!

So, as a general overview, what's it like to love someone who is constantly sick?

It's hard. With all of the doctor's visits and medicine and mood swings. Sometimes you don't even want assistance. There are times you run to the bathroom because you feel sick and I'll follow you and you'll just say, "leave." It's hard because I want to help, but sometimes…

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